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Los Angeles Swingers at the Grammy Awards. Priory Society Podcast

Wife Swapping Swingers Attend the Grammy Awards

Wife Swapping Swingers Attend the Grammy Awards

Here is undeniable proof that wife swapping swingers attend the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. The Hollywood entertainment industry is a highly sexed environment & there is no doubt that celebrities have their pick of the litter when it comes to sexy time. But today we're talking about us. 2 people that are not famous at all & we've attended the Grammys for the past 10 years & it's always a great time.

This year we took a bunch of guests to the Grammys & they loved it. Here's how the day flowed...


Downtown LA gets shut down with police checkpoints near the venue. So we met our guests at the Biltmore hotel in Downtown LA. It's the nicest hotel outside the security radius. We gathered at noon. Once everybody got there we took pictures & hung out. We then handed out their tickets & had 2 stretch limos take us to the Staples Center.

The limos are sent thru police checkpoints & zig zag cement barriers. The cars are screened several times by agents with mirrors looking under the vehicles etc. Credentials to attend the event are checked and verified. There are SWAT officers in full tactical gear all around the perimeter including snipers on the rooftops, it's pretty cool. Somebody would have to be really stupid to attempt an attack at this event. It's heavily guarded & we all feel very safe. We are grateful for law enforcement & for all they do.


We got dropped off & walked the red carpet. There are two flows of red carpet traffic. One is for talent or nominees the other is an express red carpet for everybody else. If your limo has a talent pass you get funneled into a separate arrival line, the one for all the tv cameras. The front of the red carpet is lined with PR people & assistants waiting for their bosses. There are also people that have studied faces so they can recognize talent immediately & connect them with their guides. 

Once the talent is identified, they are placed in cue to be interviewed by the media & television hosts. Then they walk the main carpet to the step & repeat backer board to pose for photos. Their names are written on small dry erase boards & placed next to them so the photographers know who is smiling & posing for the cameras. The boards are always cropped out before publication.


There are several plainclothes police officers walking in the crowd. Some are wearing tuxedos to blend in. There are also uniformed LAPD officers about every 10 feet standing and observing. 

We strive to be inside the arena by 2pm. We then hit the bars & get light snacks. We eat beforehand so we don't risk missing a cool performance. Then we go to our seats because the doors are shut by 3pm. The show starts & goes for 2 hours or so. Afterward, there is one main afterparty in the convention center. We attend for a bit then usually leave to go to a smaller more private after party hosted by a record label or an industry friend.

The Grammy's are always fun. In fact, the period leading up to the awards ceremony is known as Grammy Week. There are parties & private concerts all over LA. We're busy so we only attend what we can.


We've hosted our swingers podcast for 1 year & during that time we have created an amazing bond with our listeners. How? You tell us that you LOVE that we share all aspects of our lives. You guys enjoy hearing about our daily activities & our behind the scenes experiences. You've told us that you're loyal to the show because you feel that you actually know us.

Below is a picture of your favorite swinger podcast hosts. Eros & Isis, at the entrance to the red carpet at the Grammy Awards. We're happy to answer any questions that you have about the event. Just reach out by email or on Twitter.

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