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4 Reasons Why Swingers Need 2 Beds for Wife Swaps

Swinging & wife swapping is quite possibly the most important chapter of your lives. It's certainly the naughtiest time of your lives. Therefore, this is no time to ​go into a scene with techniques that are experimental & not proven.

​​If you're a lifestyler or polyamorous person that loves puppy pile orgies with a bunch of intertwined sweaty bodies​, great. We respect that. This post is geared toward the newbie couple that are about to play with another couple in a swap 

In the next few blog posts we're going to give you some insider knowledge to help you navigate "the lifestyle" in the correct fashion. Mastering the fundamentals is an important part of any sport or hobby & it sets the foundation to go play in more advanced scenarios. We get lots of messages sent in & some of the biggest questions we hear over & over again are:

​"Should we get one king bed or two queens for a hotel play date with a sexy couple?" 

​"What if the couple is not ready for separate bed play?"

​"Will we scare them away by having two beds?"

​The answer is simple. It's always better to have more real estate to play in. It's great to have the option to spread out. We would seize that opportunity immediately. We enjoy separate but simultaneous & nearby play. We even love separate room play, but only with a couple that we've played with before. We'll save that for a separate blog post.

Here are the 4 reasons why Swingers should always reserve hotel rooms with two beds:

1. SPACE - Four fully grown adults on one bed is very cramped. It can be sweaty & uncomfortable with everybody at bad breath distance. Not everybody loves piles of bodies. You want to move around with your swapped partner without worrying about kicking someone in the head. 
A room with 2 beds gives you more real estate & a larger play area. ​This will allow you to avoid cramping by ​stretching your legs out & being able to change positions at ease.

2. PACING - When you get 4 people in a small area you may become mechanical in order to mirror what your partners are doing.
Your pacing may ​be thrown off by the others on the bed.​If you're the type to take it slow... you should be able to take your time with foreplay and oral. It can get annoying if those next to you are going fast with the vigorous "ground & pound" movements while you try to perform your slow sensual touch. We've been there & it's no bueno.

3. WET SPOT - Savvy swingers know to designate one bed as the play bed. This is especially important if you have a squirter in the room. Sometimes couples don't reveal that their female squirts until it's too late. Once "showtime" begins... your sheets, mattress, floor (sometimes the ceiling) will end up soaked with warm pee and other fluids. Even if a squirter tells you in advance, putting down a couple towels doesn't always do the trick. You'll have to get housekeeping to change the smelly bed. Remind us to tell you about a woman who was trying to shoot her squirt across the room. During her performance she ended up crapping on the bed, several logs. That happened to one of our listeners & we will discuss it on our podcast episode on this very topic.

4. SHY PEEN - Men with ​"plumbing issues" ​such as stage fright or erectile dysfunction symptoms tend to perform better with LESS distractions. They may not be ready for separate room play... but same room & separate bed has the potential to save the evening. The male erection is very complicated from the mental standpoint. Many things need to work correctly to achieve and maintain a rock hard boner. Any distractions can cause limp dick. This is also true for women. Some females won't orgasm if they cant relax and focus. Extra space can help you achieve greater success.

The beauty with 2 beds is that you have options.

You can all remain on 1 bed if the other couple needs or wants that. But you can also spread out and focus on your swap if you want your naughty experience to be more comfortable.

With a new couple, we usually start as a group in a mini orgy & then get a little distance to focus on our swap. Even if it's a few feet away on a separate bed, having the extra space is always appreciated.

Many new couples are concerned with the possibility of making their play partners uncomfortable. As a newbie you tend to walk on eggshells because you're dating again & things can be awkward. Especially because you're dating as couple this time & you have four people to consider.

You may feel that having two beds in your room somehow conveys that you're suggesting separate play. But consider the following:

1. You are not suggesting that you all separate (but the option is there)

2. Perhaps the other couple wants to also be comfortable.

3. Perhaps the hotel only had two bedded rooms available.  

If you get a fearful couple, you can all remain on one bed. We can tell you from experience that most couples are very excited to have the extra bed as a play area.

We did a three episode podcast series on how to set up a sexy environment at home or in a hotel. We call it setting up a "Sensual Sanctuary" for swingers. It helps create the perfect mood and will make your transitions to play easier. Which is where many new swingers get stuck. 

If you're currently a swinger or thinking of starting out in the lifestyle, you should go listen to Episodes 31-33 of our podcast. You can click on your favorite podcast platform button on right side of this screen to go to our show page. But here are the quick links to the blog post pages:

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Below is photo of our typical hotel room set up. Make sure to subscribe to our podcast & follow us on Instagram & Twitter. We are are active on there & love to interact with our listeners.

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