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The Priory Society Swingers Podcast will help you get started in the world of swinging

The Swinging Lifestyle helps you Create Amazing Rocking Chair Stories

Our number one piece of advice for new swingers is; focus on creating amazing "ROCKING CHAIR STORIES" in the lifestyle. Create lots of fun experiences that you can discuss in your advanced years as you sit on the porch. You don't have to be 80 years old to enjoy those talks. We replay stories of sexy adventures every week with each other. Sometimes we light cigars, make old fashioned's & sit & compare notes of a super hot time we enjoyed with another naughty couple.

Imagine yourselves many years in the future, sitting & watching the sunset with the love of your life discussing those sexual escapades you had when you were younger. It's pretty amazing and we suggest that you endeavor to live your life fully in everything you do.

The sooner you realize that swinging "is just sex," the sooner you can strengthen your primary relationship by adding more sensual fun into your lives. Go ahead & fulfill your carnal desires now. You never have to cheat on each other because you both have permission to play. Everybody loves pleasure so it's time we stop denying it. Consider the following two items as you start creating your own Rocking Chair Stories as sexual beings:

OPPORTUNITIES - You are currently the most attractive & "doable" version of yourselves. Take advantage of the health & mobility that you have right now. You may not be the epitome of fitness but neither is everyone else. People will find you attractive & most of you still turn heads as you walk into a room. Most of you are able to perform physically without any issues right now. That is a good thing but you are not getting any younger. The lifestyle is not a place for procrastination. Start creating bad-ass memories of your adventures.

NO REGRETS - Time is on your side right now. You don't want to be on your rocking chair looking back on your younger years & feel that you missed out on chances. You'll wish you had seized sexy opportunities when they came your way. Perhaps you should've done a wife swap with that nice couple that propositioned you in the hot tub in Las Vegas. Maybe you got nervous during your visit to the nude adult resort and nothing happened. Of course, you still justified it as a good time but it is time to start changing your story for the better. You can make it epic. If you have already been fantasizing in the bedroom or if you have gone to a swinger club, you are halfway there. The Lifestyle is a place for action and we are here to help you figure things out.

CURRENTLY SINGLE? - Take advantage of your adventures in the lifestyle to hone your skills as a lover. Take this time to work on yourself. Focus on improving your mind, body, & spirit so you can attract the best quality mate for you. We know that some of you may choose to be single for a number of reasons. Maybe you've recently gotten out of a relationship or you're holding out for the perfect partner. Whatever your reasoning, take every moment & have a blast as a single in the lifestyle. Be your best self & become a better individual in everything you do. Your future soulmate deserves to enjoy the more empowered "You 2.0!"

Perhaps, you're a couple that wants to explore polyamory, ethical non-monogamy, or simply have a threesome.  We know couples that live the Hot wife and Cuckold lifestyles where the husband likes to watch while his penis is locked up in a cage. The Stag and Vixen lifestyle is also very popular where the man shares his wife but also participates. We have an entire episode on the Cuckold, Hot Wife, & BBC Lifestyle. We interview Mike C of the Keys & Anklets Podcast. Listen to it HERE!


We enjoy the social aspects of the Swinger Lifestyle & the party atmosphere. If we find a couple that we "click with" we will consider getting naked with them. The swinging lifestyle has it all. Your vibe attracts your tribe & you can find another couple at your play level very easily.

We have your back when it comes to strategy for meeting new people. We cover these techniques on our Swingers Podcast, here's the Apple Podcast Link. Start improving your communication. Discuss your comfort level and rules with your partner. Those boundaries will determine your play style. You may start enjoying new partners together. Go ahead & start creating amazing memories while you still can.


A full episode on this topic is coming soon. We know that your current feelings & constellation of emotions can overwhelm you or distract you from what will actually be important in the future. See the entire picture and know that your experiences will create a stronger bond for you as a couple.

Below is a picture of me on a slot machine in Las Vegas. I'm smoking cigars with my soulmate & husband, Eros. That image was captured after we experienced naughty time with a sexy couple earlier in the evening. I0t was now our time to reconnect & enjoy our private time. Just us. We challenge you to start creating moments like these in your lives.

The key is to strike a perfect balance & have the best of both worlds. We're here to help you on your journey toward a powerful life with amazing memories. Live powerfully with absolutely NO REGRETS.

About The Priory Society - A Swinger Podcast
We’re Eros and Isis, a happily married mid 30's couple from Los Angeles, CA. We lead a secret life as swingers & we share our naughty stories of wife swaps & other sexual adventures on our show. We started this podcast to help curious newbies understand & navigate the swinging lifestyle. Having an open marriage with ethical non-monogamy is a beautiful thing when done correctly. We invite you to discover your pleasure with the Priory Society Podcast. Connect with us here:

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We're Isis & Eros, &we lead a secret life as swingers in Los Angeles, CA. We are in our late 30's & married. Listen to our podcast called "The Priory Society" to take a peek inside the swinging lifestyle. You will also hear about the naughty adventures that we have with other couples.

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