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About The Priory Society Podcast

Updated July 2023

We’re Isis & Eros, from Los Angeles, CA & we have a naughty secret. A few years ago, my husband & I decided to become swingers. It has been so much fun that we decided to share our stories on The Priory Society Podcast.  We are a married couple with children & kitty cats, but we have a naughty side. We started this show to share our secret activities as swingers in "the lifestyle." The Priory Society Podcast exists to help curious newbies navigate their journey in the lifestyle. We invite you to listen to the naughty details as we go on double dates with other couples. We meet for drinks & when the chemistry is there... we get a hotel & wind up naked with these couples.


Exploring consensual & ethical non-monogamy is a great way to enjoy others sexually & romantically without having to ever cheat on your spouse. You can both have fun with full permission & it's a beautiful thing.

Curious to see what we look like? Check out our pics on Instagram:

We started the podcast because we didn’t have anyone guiding us when we first got started. We had no coaching or mentoring. It made it more challenging than it needed to be. We often got ourselves into interesting predicaments & learned many lessons. The lifestyle has been amazing & now we pay it forward by helping others maximize their journey. Seasoned swingers will also enjoy hearing about the silly situations & mistakes we've made. Join us, we tell it all, every juicy detail.


A Priory is another name for a Monastery, Church or Abbey. It's a fun play on the complete opposite activities that happen in a church. We chose the name Priory Society because being in the swinging lifestyle is like being part of a Secret Society. As sexually open people, we have to keep our activities private from family & friends. We gather with other couples in secret & the uninitiated don't know what we really do behind closed doors. We invite you to listen & experience our sexually open world. Have a laugh at the situations we find ourselves in & perhaps get more dates with the tips we share. Get a glimpse of our naughty secret society from the inside!


We keep the secret society theme in our imaging. The Maltese Cross has been used by the Knights Templar, the Vatican & other religious organizations throughout history. You can also see the cross used in the jewelry of the Monarchy of the United Kingdom. No, the cross was not inspired by an Iron Cross or any other negative groups in history. The Fleur de Lis means "Lilly Flower" & has been used throughout history by the Catholic Church, Kings, the Priory of Sion & others. French Monarchs often used the symbol when they formed an association with the church.

We chose to use serious symbology from history because we were both raised in the church & the logos have profound meaning to us. Our activities have been very important & liberating. The lessons we have learned have helped us to be happier in our life journey.


We love to make guest appearances on other podcasts, radio shows, news, & television programs. We have made several appearances & we love to collaborate with other media outlets. We will send you a one sheet, talking points, & sample questions for us in PDF form. Send us a message here.


We love to interview & collaborate with experts that have knowledge that our listeners can benefit from. Message us if you would like us to make a guest appearance on your program. We reject guests all the time when it's clear that they only want to promote their product or service. If you reach out to us we want to know what will you teach our audience & what they will learn from you. Not what you want to sell our audience. We're ok with sales & joint ventures but the product needs to be relevant & helpful to our listeners.


The Priory Society Podcast averages 35,000 monthly downloads & we publish one episode per month. We surpassed 500,000 unique downloads in mid 2020. Thank you to our loyal listeners that help us spread the word about the show. Our stats show that our listeners tend to repeat episodes & listen more than once via apps & online streams. Listeners worldwide have consumed 118,000 hours of our show on Apple Podcasts alone.


We offer private coaching for couples & singles that want to get started in the swinging lifestyle. With our help you will have greater success. You will also avoid the typical rookie mistakes that we see all the time. We can also help if you are an experienced couple & you need specific coaching on issues that you're experiencing.

Perhaps you want to bring up the subject of swinging to your spouse? We can also help you develop your online dating profile for greater impact. A well developed profile will attract more dates with higher quality people. We have a business coaching company & seminar business in our vanilla lives so helping you with issues in the lifestyle is very easy for us. We have the experience & the answers that you need.


We are not currently accepting advertisers. In the future we will consider select sponsors & select products to advertise on our show to our highly responsive audience. Our hosts can also do a talent "on-air" ad read of your product marketing script. You can also provide a broadcast-ready audio ad or jingle that will be played inside an episode. Contact us directly for a rate card & further detail.

Email:         info@PriorySociety.com
Twitter:      Twitter.com/PriorySociety
Instagram: Instagram.com/PriorySociety