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We are Isis & Eros, a happily married, late 30's couple in Los Angeles, CA. Four years ago we decided to become Swingers! We now lead a secret life of naughty sexual adventures. We started the Priory Society Podcast to offer practical advice for people interested in exploring "The Swinging Lifestyle." We invite you to learn all about the sensual activities that take place inside this Erotic Secret Society! Discover tips & strategies to make sure you navigate your naughty journey correctly.

  Discover Your Pleasure with our Sexy Lifestyle Podcast for Swingers... 

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Priory Society Swinger Podcast

We listened to your podcast, it's great. We really really mean it. So informative & we wish we had something like it when we first started out. Excited to hear more experiences. It brings us closer to the community when you hear another point of view. Looking forward the review of the NYE Plush Party.

Priory Society Testimonial


Kasidie User

The Mr and I super enjoy your podcast! The second episode had me cracking up! We still haven't decided  which category we fall in from episode two. Anyway, we got excited when the third episode came out. We will definitely be tuned in the next free time we have together. Kudos 🙂 Mrs. T

Priory Society Rave Reviews


Kasidie User

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How our Podcast is Different

Our podcast art doesn't indicate that you're looking at a Swinger Podcast site. You can be discreet if someone sees your screen. We DON'T dwell on topics that are not relevant to the episode topic & lifestyle in general.

NO Politics
NO Constant Trip Pitches
NO Drink Recipes

We choose to do it this way because we value & respect our listeners & your time. Therefore, we prefer to offer you some good advice, sexy couples interviews, & naughty lifestyle stories. READ MORE..

Priory Society Great Testimonials

Rave Reviews from Listeners

This page features testimonials & feedback from people that have become loyal listeners. The Priory Society has a global reach of subscribers from all walks of life. Read what our community has to say about our Naughty Podcast. We get messages on a daily basis from folks wanting to know when the next episode is going to drop. We appreciate you & thank you for following us. Please remember to give us a nice rating on iTunes & on your other podcast platforms. READ MORE...

Priory Society Episodes

Visit this page to see the complete list of all of our episodes. You will also find show notes, streaming audio, & resources discussed on the program. Our episodes can be found on all major podcasting engines. Simply search for "The Priory Society" and subscribe to the show and add it to your favorites. We know that many of you don't use Apps, so we've made it very easy to listen to us without having to download any files to your phone, device, or computer. READ MORE...

This is Where we Record Episodes for You! 

The Priory Society Broadcasting Studios

What our Listeners are Saying...

Loving the podcast. Have heard several lifestyle podcasts before but you are the BEST BY FAR. Good job. Can't wait to hear more soon.

Priory Society Testimonial


Kasidie User

Just listened to the first 2 episodes on my commute today. Your chemistry is awesome. Such a turn on. Isis, you have such a sexy voice.

Priory Society Rave Reviews


Kasidie User

Got to listen to Episodes 1 & 2, both very entertaining. Quick highlights Horchata & Triple Rinse it! LOL. Looking forward to more episodes.

Priory Society Rave Reviews


Kasidie User

Our Swingers Podcast has these Fun Segments...

Priory Swingers Next Door

Naughty Swinger Confessions

Are your neighbors Swingers? Probably! A fun segment we do is called "Confessions from the Swingers next Door." We invite cool lifestyle couples to our studio and interview them while having drinks. Since we're usually getting hammered, they spill the beans about their sexual activities. Many times the females are completely topless while while we record their episode. This segment proves that the swinger community is comprised of very awesome people. You'll never even know about their naughty secret unless they tell you directly. Learn how to spot modern day swingers that are are all around you.

Priory Society Perverted Dictionary

The "Perverted" Dictionary

We have a segment in our podcast called "The Leather Bound Perverted Dictionary." We pull it out (the dictionary that is) & go over typical definitions that you'll encounter while speaking to other swingers in the Lifestyle. Reading from this ancient book activates your neurology & it causes you to understand the complex vocabulary of the lifestyle. You'll be the life of the party when you mention these terms to your friends. It's an entertaining part of the show but learning these words can also expand your consciousness. It's not a guarantee, but maybe. Who knows.

Priory Society Full Swap

Detailed Sexual Experiences

We take you through a detailed review of our dates. We then explain "The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly"  of our sexy encounters. We discuss how our interaction unfolds. From the first email or communication all the way to what happens when we all get naked. We cover every juicy detail about the evening including the steamy portion. We then conduct an "after action report" where we discuss what went right & what could improve. We also reveal you our learning lessons from the date so don't have to make our same mistakes. Listeners really love this segment of our show.

Where our Listeners are Located...

United States

What our Subscribers are Saying...

Informative yet hilarious. I have listened to quite a few podcasts & none have kept me as entertained as this one. Keep up the great work.

Priory Society Podcast Review


Kasidie User

Hey guys, we listened to the first podcast. Those voices! Coming people who are major podcast followers, good job you guys.

Verified Testimonial for Priory Society


Kasidie User

Love the podcast and you two just seem like some good sexy peeps that we would love to to meet and hangout with. Glad to be a part of your community

Priory Society Podcast Review


Kasidie User

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