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Hey Swingers, what to Expect when Visiting Las Vegas Casinos in Fall of 2020

Updated Sept 10, 2020

We decided to make a post about Las Vegas after answering over 15 direct messages with swinger friends asking about the scene in Vegas right now & the new rules in the fall of 2020.

My husband & I visit Las Vegas once or twice a month for work & we stay at casinos on the strip. We were there in March 2020 the week Vegas shut down & in June the week casinos re-opened so we've seen the changes first hand.

Here are some of the questions w
e've been asked...

- What's the vibe in Vegas?
- Is it worth going?
- Are clubs open?
- Will they check my temperature to enter the resorts?
- Are couples still meeting up?
- Should I cancel our reservation?
- Are the casinos dead?

So here is a quick summary of what to expect when you visit Las Vegas in the next few weeks.

The vibe in Vegas is great. Casinos were closed for a while but the city is about 90% open again. There are a few casinos that are still closed since the demand for hotel rooms isn't quite there. Especially with flights still being restricted from some countries. Weekends are packed with people & midweek is still pretty slow in the casinos.

- Most hotels don't have room service.
- Most hotels do not offer daily housekeeping.
- Bellhops are available to help with bags.
- Valet parking is closed at most properties
- Self-parking garages are FREE for everybody.

People are indeed meeting up again. As with everything, some folks are more nervous or cautious than others. Over the last few weekends there have been many "rendezvous" or naughty date requests posted on swinger dating sites. These are from local & traveling people We have recently met with sexy couples in Las Vegas. It's pretty normal. Swinging Lifestylers seem to have a different threshold & tolerance for risk. Casino bar drink meets are still easy. While certain bar lounges are closed many are open because they serve food & that allows them to bypass the closure order.

Face coverings are required while indoors at the resorts. They have mask dispensers at the entrances or somebody will be handing them out if you don't have your own. Some properties are more strict than others. At the Paris casino, you can't walk a few steps without somebody making sure your mask is covering your nose & mouth. At the Wynn & Encore Resort they're more chill but will still approach you. You don't have to wear the mask while inside casino bars or restaurants. They just ask that you wear the mask when arriving & being seated. Then you can remove it.

Casinos check your temperature using mounted thermal cameras. Some resorts scan everybody as they walk into the property & you don't even notice it. The Wynn Encore have screening stations at every entrance. They scan everybody's temperature as they enter their properties. Other resorts will only approach you if your temperature is unusually high. We visit lots of properties & have never been stopped. We've been told that if your temperature is unusually high, casinos will take you to a cool-down area & ask you a series of questions. They want to check if you have any symptoms.

It's not like a TSA checkpoint. The cameras are small. You'll only be stopped if you're over 100.4 or something like that.

Other properties only scan your temperature if you're checking in & going near the registration desk. At the MGM Grand & New York, New York there are medics with handheld temperature devices at the front desk lines. They aim the device at your forehead & wave you in. We work the rewards cards & get special vip lines. We noticed that if you go to the invited guest or VIP registration line, the temperature police don't approach you at all.

At the Flamingo, they have a thermal camera attached to a metal detector and you stand 6 feet away to  and they wave you in. This is only for the registration area.

At the Paris Casino, there is a temperature checkpoint only at the entrace to the front desk registration area. They have a heat device that they compare your temperature with & then they wave you in. It's instant.  

Yes, they are open.  They just ask that you wear a mask when arriving & while you find your seat lounger. Then you can remove it. You don't have to wear one in the water. Great deals on cabanas & day beds since it's not so busy.

Some are open but we don't frequent the LS clubs.
We do know that the Sea Mountain Inn "One Love Temple" nude resort is open because we had several friends visit. Perhaps some of you can offer insider club details in the comments below... for the benefit of others. Let us know if your favorite clubs are open or not.

There are no concerts or shows in production just yet. The big day-club pools are still closed for large events. Some clubs are opening up as "lounges" with a similar club feel but with less people inside. Topless pools still closed. The other adult pools may be open but no topless is allowed. The Wynn is renaming their party pool to "lounges" so they can still open and do a smaller version of the party pool with fewer people.

As far as I know the thermal imaging machines DON'T screen you for STD's when taking your temperature. So if you walk in confidently you'll be fine. If the machine beeps, you can just blame it on the truck stop toilet that you used recently. " Dammit, I must have gotten that STD from that truck stop toilet again!" Just playing 🙂

If you have details on a specific protocol at a casino post it below as a comment.

Hope this was helpful to you sexies, share the post if you have friends with Vegas questions. Casinos are trying to make it as normal as possible for the visitors. We are going back to Vegas twice in September & every month till the end of 2020. 

We will be starting up our Listener Parties & Meet & Greets as soon as they allow it again.

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