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Woman learning how to fish for swinging play partners instead of hunting

Swingers are HUNTING for Partners but They Need to Learn How to FISH

We see too many swingers HUNTING when they should be FISHING instead. We believe that the best way to secure naughty playtime is to ATTRACT sexy people to you & not chase them down. Yes, it can be exciting to "hunt for vanilla couples & unicorns" while out on the town. But having them come to you, that requires a different level of strategy. The answer to the dilemma is simple & here are 4 considerations for you: 

1. HUNTING - This infers strategy, tactics, aggression & maybe some convincing. You're almost forcing a connection to happen by being on the prowl. You may like the challenge of conquering a couple & getting them to be more flirty with you. Perhaps you want to convert a single woman into a Unicorn for the evening. Just remember that inviting people back to your place is really not much of a challenge. It's especially easy if you're offering free drinks & you're not super creepy. However, hot people are persued all the time, so if you don't have a great gimmick, you're just going to be annoying. They know what you want & they know what you're trying to do.

2. INTERNAL DIALOGUE - How can you be a supreme hunter if your inner voice is repeating what's written on your online profile? "We don't have expectations at the club or on sexy dates. We're not aggressive or pushy. We are a go with the flow couple." Many profiles say those things. We know that some people truly don't care if they get laid or not.  But would you start a business with that attitude? "I'm just gonna invest tons of money in marketing, infrastructure, & inventory. Then we're just gonna go with the flow & have no expectations of the business." I hope not. How you do one thing is how you tend to do everything. So get your thoughts organized.

3. CONFUSION - We believe this is why people don't get the play they deserve. Their laid back intentions don't match their horny driving emotions. So instead of seizing opportunities, many people freeze when they should take action. Their transitions to playtime become flawed. Lifestylers are terrified at being labeled as "aggressive." But when you get 2 couples that are both "no expectations," somebody is going to have to make a move & become the temporary aggressor. Otherwise, nothing will happen with everybody walking on eggshells. If you've struggled with this issue, we can help.

4. FISHING - You must become good BAIT so can lure the highest quality people to you. This will give you the best sexy scenarios. This happens naturally when you become the best version of yourself.  In an upcoming podcast episode & blog post, we will give you pointers on how to fish correctly in the lifestyle. You will all become good "Fishers of Sexies!" We'll show you how to ATTRACT the correct people so you can have some great naked experiences with them. We will help you do this as you continue to listen to our podcast & read our posts. The full episode on this FISHING topic is coming soon.

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