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The FOMO is Strong in the Swinging Lifestyle

The lifestyle is such an amazing chapter in people's lives that they want to broadcast all of their events & travels. It's natural to tell your lifestyle friends in case they want to synchronize calendars & meet you at a party etc. However, constantly seeing pictures of the fun people are having at resorts & events can play tricks on you. You may want to be there too. Don't beat yourself up. You may have a family or career that is too important to leave for a week at a time. You will have your turn.

If you're new to the swinger lifestyle, it's easy to be consumed by all the sexy fun and clubs available to you. We used to have FOMO (fear of missing out) and we would cram-in lifestyle play at every opportunity & every weekend. Not anymore.

The JOMO is Real

We now experience JOMO (joy of missing out) & we are absolutely happy to turn down dates & skip parties to hang out with each other. The lifestyle is merely a bonus activity that we turn-on when WE feel like it. We always honor & strengthen our primary relationship FIRST. It's our highest value.

Tonight, Eros & I, went to a Clippers game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. We won against the Brooklyn Nets! We even had drinks & cigars on the patio of the Lexus Club during halftime. It's one of the restaurants inside the arena. It was so much fun. No Swingers double date or anything like that. Just a private romantic date for us.

It reminded us of one of our first dates when we first met. It was very sweet. The lifestyle DOES NOT run our lives & it shouldn't run yours either. We recommend that you find a balance between sexy play time with others...& your primary relationship with your King or Queen.

Social Media is all Marketing

We expect our friends to share pictures of their travels & activities with us. However, social media pictures & posts are merely highlights of people's lives. It's all marketing. Even if they're not selling a product or service, they're selling the fact that somehow their life is more fun & exciting than yours at that moment. They don't do it on purpose, society along with the Facebook & Instagram culture encourages it.

Always remember that you're only seeing a snapshot of a moment in time. Their best picture out of the 10 they took. Do not compare yourself to others. These people may not be super happy in real life. In fact, they may not have their entire life in order. That trip may have added $8,000 in debt to their existing load. But that smiley pic at the adult resort will display something else.

Perhaps the reason they're taking sexy pics in a fancy hotel is because a couple flaked on them. Maybe that picture is a nice anchor for them to keep striving toward happier times. We never really know what people are going through. Let them have a celebratory moment. It's their story, It is not yours.

Celebrate Everything

Focus on the good you have right now & start experiencing the Joy of Missing Out! It's pretty cool. When you keep each other & your family at the No.1 position you're already respecting the first item of the "Swinger's Core Commitments." 

A full podcast episode on that subject is coming soon. We will give you 10 action items that when performed, will help you become the best version of yourself. These core commitments will allow you to become a great ambassador of the Lifestyle. You will then attract better & sexier times to you. Stay tuned!

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