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Swinger Event & Sex Club

Episode 9 – 15 Do’s & Don’ts for Swinger Event Success Part 2

15 Tips to get more "P" and "D" at Swing Clubs! 

The Priory Society is a swingers podcast about sex, swinging, wife swaps & more.

In Part 2 we share 15 important Do's & Don'ts when visiting a swingers club or event. You will learn the psychological reasons behind why we do certain things. Our Hypnotherapy background will help you become more attractive & effective. You will know how to act inside so you can achieve maximum success when finding sexy playdates. Take our advice & your visits to lifestyle events or clubs will be better than ever.

We’re Eros and Isis, a happily married mid 30's couple that leads a secret life as swingers. We love wife swaps & other sexual adventures with sexy couples. We started this podcast to help curious newbies navigate the lifestyle of having an open marriage and sexual non-monogamy. We invite you to discover your pleasure with the Priory Society Podcast:

Resources & things we mentioned in this show:

Our favorite "Sippy Cups" that we take to the club:
Cold-1 Thermal Tumbler 24oz in Black
Tervis Colorful Flexy Straws to avoid a chipped tooth

Starbucks 16oz Clear Sippy Cups 
You can usually find these cups at Starbucks stores for $10. You can also buy their colorful straws that fit the cup perfectly. The hole is smaller than normal tumblers.

"Club Joi" Swinger Club in Los Angeles, CA

"Club FA" Swinger Club at Freedom Acres  in San Bernardino, CA

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About the Author ThePriorySociety

We're Eros & Isis, a married couple in our mid 30's and we lead a secret life as swingers in Los Angeles, CA. Read our blog & listen to the Priory Society Podcast to hear all about our sexy adventures in the swinging lifestyle.

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