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Swinger Podcast the Priory Society

Episode 8 – Swinger Event Best Practices for Success Part 1

An inside look at our first Swing Club Experience! 

The Priory Society is a swingers podcast about sex, swinging, wife swaps & more.

In Part 1 we talk about our first lifestyle club experience and give you the good the bad & the ugly about that night. Some of it was horrible because we were so awkward. But it's been a year and we're way better so we're gonna teach you what we know. We introduce more Swinger NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Strategies to help you improve your dating game. We value our listeners & love you guys, therefore we want to make sure that you have the best experience ever when visiting a swinger event or a swinger club.

We’re Eros and Isis, a happily married mid 30's couple that leads a secret life as swingers. We love wife swaps & other sexual adventures with sexy couples. We started this podcast to help curious newbies navigate the lifestyle of having an open marriage and sexual non-monogamy. We invite you to discover your pleasure with the Priory Society Podcast:

Resources & things we mentioned in this show:

Bed Hoppers Podcast from the UK with Mr & Mrs H.

"Club Joi" Swinger Club in Los Angeles, CA

"Club Freedom Acres" Swinger Club in San Bernardino, CA

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About the Author ThePriorySociety

We're Isis & Eros, &we lead a secret life as swingers in Los Angeles, CA. We are in our late 30's & married. Listen to our podcast called "The Priory Society" to take a peek inside the swinging lifestyle. You will also hear about the naughty adventures that we have with other couples.

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