Episode 4 – An Erotic Encounter & a Valuable Lesson for Swingers

Avoid being taken advantage of, by Swingers with more experience.

When we were brand new, a couple performed a sneaky technique on us that made us get more sexual than we were ready for. And then afterward, we got mad at ourselves but we HATED THEM for it. Some of you are new to the lifestyle so we’re going to tell you how to identify this trick, how to defend against it, & how to immediately stop it so you don’t have to experience what we did. Visit our website for show notes, blog posts, and more episodes that will help make you a better Lifestyler. A Swinger that goes on lots of sexy dates. Welcome to our naughty society.

We're Eros & Isis, a married couple in our mid 30's and we share our naughty adventures in the swinging lifestyle.

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We're Eros & Isis, a married couple in our mid 30's and we lead a secret life of wife swaps, threesomes, & other naughty adventures with sexy couples. We're swingers in the lifestyle. Discover your pleasure inside our naughty society by listening to our podcast.

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