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Episode 6 – How the Swinger Lifestyle is like High School again

Is the Swinging Lifestyle like High School all over again? Yes!

The Priory Society is a swingers podcast about sex, swinging, wife swaps & more.

Welcome back Sexies, in this episode, we will prove that the swinging lifestyle is exactly like High School all over again. We pull out The Leather Bound Perverted Dictionary & show you how to deal with the "Constellation of Emotions" that you WILL experience while being a Swinger. Your emotions will run high & your "stuff" will come up, such as insecurities, values, confidence, limiting beliefs, & memories, etc.

Imagine going back to high school or college with all the knowledge you have today! How effective would you be? Awesome right? Just remember to stay in your lane at first. If you're not the good-looking quarterback on the football team, don't expect to fuck the head cheerleader at your first party. But here's the good news. We're about to give you 5 strategies to make your present lifestyle experience the best time of your life as a swinger.

Explore our website for show notes, blog posts, and more episodes that will help make you a better Lifestyler. Learn to go on more sexy dates with the knowledge from our naughty society.

We're Eros & Isis, a married couple in our mid 30's and we lead a secret life of wife swaps, threesomes, & other naughty adventures with sexy couples in the swinging lifestyle. Discover your pleasure inside our naughty society by listening to our podcast.


About the Author ThePriorySociety

We're Isis & Eros, &we lead a secret life as swingers in Los Angeles, CA. We are in our late 30's & married. Listen to our podcast called "The Priory Society" to take a peek inside the swinging lifestyle. You will also hear about the naughty adventures that we have with other couples.

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