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Banner for a new episode by the Priory Society Podcast for Swingers. How we use the Awareness Campaign to meet lots of sexy swingers

Episode 53 – The Awareness Campaign Strategy to Meet More Swingers

Backstage Pass Audio Sample. Get Laid More by Using the Awareness Campaign Marketing Moves. 

The Priory Society is a sex podcast for swingers. We teach you how to get started in the swinging lifestyle of wife swaps & more.

We recorded this audio in our car while traveling from Las Vegas back to Los Angeles. It was originally only heard by our podcast supporters that bought the Backstage Pass Membership.

We decided to release it to our entire audience as a sample in hopes you decide to join our podcast membership. You too can get all the bonus audios & videos that we upload to the private members area. We discuss how we used our "Awareness Campaign" to find swinger couples during a recent business trip to Las Vegas.

You can finally hear our behind the scenes thoughts about the lifestyle. Listen to how we process information & how we prioritize couples that we want to meet.After sorting through several people on our swinger dating website we met with 3 couples over the weekend. We talk about communication fails & how some couples self sabotage their experiences.

The Awareness Campaign is a marketing strategy that allows you to become more visible on certain dates. It creates a strong flow of sexy people that you can choose meet. We will do an entire episode on the campaign & teach you what our backstage pass community have been using successfully for months.

About The Priory Society - A Swinger Podcast
We’re Isis & Eros, a married couple from Los Angeles, CA. We are swingers & podcast about our naughty sexual adventures. We started this podcast to help curious newbies to correctly navigate the swinging lifestyle . 

Exploring an open marriage, polyamory, & ethical non-monogamy is a beautiful thing when done correctly. Come listen to our stories of wife swaps & other sexy fun. We invite you to discover your pleasure with the Priory Society Podcast. Connect with us here:

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We're Isis & Eros, &we lead a secret life as swingers in Los Angeles, CA. We are in our late 30's & married. Listen to our podcast called "The Priory Society" to take a peek inside the swinging lifestyle. You will also hear about the naughty adventures that we have with other couples.

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