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Our First Soft Swap with Oral Experience

Episode 13 – Our First Soft Swap Encounter, a Wife Swap Erotic Story

A Wife Swap Erotic Story in Full Detail 

The Priory Society is a swingers podcast about sex, swinging, wife swaps & more.

​This is Part 1 of 3 in the Wife Swap adventure saga with Rachel & Mike. Today we are going to tell you all about our first wife swap experience that we had in the lifestyle. Is was a soft swap with oral & it was awesome. We're about to give you all the details about how we met Mike & Rachel & how our friendship grew over the course of a month. We discuss the erotic details & the play by play of our naughty encounters. This was the couple who stole our bag of kettle chips from our hotel room when our full swap failed. This recording is Part 1 of 2. You will hear all about our first three dates together. On our first date we had drinks at a restaurant, on the second date we met for drinks & cigars, then for our third date, we met at Club Joi for a super sexy soft swap session. It was terrific.

In Episode 14, we will share Part 2 of their story. That episode will consist of us describing four more flirty dates with them. We met them at a bar for drinks & cigars again, then we met them a hotel for hot tub & a soft swap session, then we met the hotel again for more hot tub & this time the plan was to perform a Full Swap. That date didn't end well when they argued & the guy broke out in tears. A few days later we met for drinks and to discuss the good, bad, & the ugly about our swap & it was not good. We'll also give you 6 important takeaways that we realized from our sexual encounters with them. You'll then be able to use this information to improve your dates & play experiences. Tune into the next episode #14 to hear Part 2 of the story. That audio is coming in 24 hours.

Leather Bound Perverted Dictionary

STEALTHING - The act of removing a condom during sex without the consent of the other partner. So...stealthing somebody is when a man agrees to wear a condom & then sneaks the condom OFF during that he can cum inside the other person. It's illegal in many jurisdictions, and is a form of sexual assault. It can even be considered rape in some jurisdictions. A study from Yale Law School found it's been happening more often - part of a disturbing trend of gender-motivated sexual violence. Another form of stealing is when the guy puts on a condom that's been sabotaged from the beginning. Meaning that the condom already has a small hole cut in the reservoir tip or the condom has been pin pricked a few times making it easier to "break" during rough sex. The sneaky part is that at a glance, the condom looks intact on the shaft...but inside...half of the penis can be bare and exposed. In the episode we describe the 6 precautions that you can take to defend from a stealthing attempt.

SENTENCE: Sup Ruben! Hey, don't be stealthing that little Snowbunny man. You might catch a case & I will not bail you out again.

We’re Eros and Isis, a happily married mid 30's couple that leads a secret life as swingers. We love wife swaps & other sexual adventures with sexy couples. We started this podcast to help curious newbies navigate the lifestyle of having an open marriage and sexual non-monogamy. We invite you to discover your pleasure with the Priory Society Podcast:

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We're Isis & Eros, &we lead a secret life as swingers in Los Angeles, CA. We are in our late 30's & married. Listen to our podcast called "The Priory Society" to take a peek inside the swinging lifestyle. You will also hear about the naughty adventures that we have with other couples.

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